How can you tell which movie is playing in one auditorium?
On the ticket buying page, the auditorium is listed for each particular movie. We also list our movies on the Marquee and Phone Message in the order of the numbering of the Auditoriums. The big auditorium is #1 and that movie is listed on the top of the marquee, and first on the phone message, and so on. There may be some cases, where the anticipated demand differs from actual demand and the movies are moved before the marquee is changed, but the ticketing page is always connected to the ticketing system, so any changes are noted immediately.
When does the box office open?
Usually the box office and theatre doors open at least one-half hour before the first show of the day, earlier on weekends or "big" movies.
How long before the feature actually starts from the posted time?
We usually run only three trailers before our feature, and those trailers are chosen because it is likely, but not guaranteed, that we will be running the movies featured. Our trailers/policy set has an approximate eight-minute running time, so most of the feature presentations usually start about eight minutes after the posted time.
Do you sell Gift Cards?
Gift cards are available at the box office during regular business hours and are good for admission and concessions. You can also buy them online here.
What does Elttaes (as in Elttaes Theatres) mean?
The name Elttaes (el-TAY-ess) is Seattle backwards. The name comes from an old family tradition as owner Ken Alhadeff’s grandfather, Joe Gottstein, had a thoroughbred racehorse stable named Elttaes Farms.
What is depicted with the running horse trailer before the feature?
In 1879 a former governor of California made a bet with East Coast gentleman that a trotting horse had all four legs off the ground at one time. To prove his point, he hired a portrait photographer named Eadweard Muybridge, who took a series of 24 pictures that were triggered by the horse as it ran through a trip wire. The bet was won, but it was also realized that these still images could be projected in succession to create movement. Muybridge’s experiment with 24 cameras proved prophetic as this ultimately became the standard at which movies are shot, 24 frames per second. We have a card with more information on the Elttaes Theatres trailer on a card available in the main lobby.
Why are there older movie posters in the hallway to Auditorium #3?
We have posted our top-grossing films for each year on the hallway, along with posters from special movies we have shown.
Do you have a crying room?
No. First showings on Tuesday to Thursday are usually the least attended and the best chance for an infant who might sleep most of the way through a movie. If that doesn’t work, please see the box office attendant.
Why is there a Pig in the upper lobby?
The Popcorn Pig in the Third Floor Lobby was created by Artist Dennis Warshall as one of the 100 pigs for the Parade of Pigs honoring the 100th Anniversary of the Pike Place Market.
Who can I contact if I think I left something behind?
Visit our Contact Us page and send us a message