What is the Pricing?
Our base rate for a private rental start at $500. The price might be more depending on the number in your party or if you don’t want to show a movie we are currently showing.
What is your capacity?
Our auditorium seats up to 220 people.
What time of day can I rent the theatre?
Typically we rent the theatre during times we are not showing normal movies. The best time is around 10 or 11am any day of the week or non-weekend evenings around 9:30pm. The times are subject to change based on our regular showtimes schedule.
Will the concession stand be open?
Yes, we will have the concession stand open for business. We can work with you on some sort of package plan or just let people choose what they like on the day of the event. Outside food and beverages are not permitted.
What movies can we watch?
It is easiest to schedule a private showing of a movie which we are showing to the public but can explore other movies titles as well.
What about COVID?
We treat private shows the same as our regular ones. Masks required and Vaccination proof and ID for everyone over age 12. Please look at our website for more information or contact aalhadeff@elttaes.com (should be a live link) with specific requests